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  • Have you been thinking about attending a yoga class but feel intimidated by the large group setting?

  • Are you suffering from a chronic health condition or recent injury that requires a more tailored yoga sequencing? 

  • Are you working with a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and would like to incorporate yoga poses that supplement your treatment?

  • Interested in meditation and mindfulness practices, but don't know where to start?

One-on-one session might be a good place to begin.


"If you can breath you can practice yoga."

Krishnamacharya -

In classical yoga tradition there is no one style fits all approach. In fact, dividing yoga into styles is a very western concept. Traditionally, yoga was taught and poses "prescribed" to students in a one-on-one setting, taking into consideration student's body constitution, health, age, lifestyle, life goals and other very personal metrics. 

In my private yoga classes I weave in a unique combination of yogic tools such as Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative yoga, five element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, non-linear movement, meditation, various breathing practices as well as positive psychology and holistic health coaching. You may choose to focus on one or incorporate all of the above elements - depending on your goal for your yoga practice. 

No matter what your wellness objectives, I will create a specialized yoga offering that suit your needs. Many of my clients are pursuing one, or more, of the following objectives in their wellness journey:  

  • Yoga for fitness & weight management (Vinyasa flow; Hatha yoga)

  • Yoga for stress management & recovery (Slow flow; Restorative; Yin; Meditation)

  • Yoga for female hormonal health (Yoga Therapeutics; Yin; Restorative)

  • Yoga for expectant and new moms (Hatha; Yoga therapy; Yin Yoga)

  • Yoga therapy for chronic health conditions (Yoga Therapy using the meridian systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Hatha yoga)

To decide if this is the right approach for your health and wellness needs, send me a message and I'll contact you shortly to discuss. 

Interested in working with me privately? 




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