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“Feel good, be good, and do good.”
― Yogi Bhajan

Gunta has been practicing yoga for over 8 years and received her foundational yoga teacher training in Bali, at the world-famous Yoga Barn.


Gunta started her career in international development working for the World Bank and later moved to content marketing space at The Economist. When Gunta's job took her to Singapore, yoga became a way for her to escape the fast-paced urban jungle and stressful corporate lifestyle. That’s when Gunta fully realized the power yoga has to transform lives and radically change how you feel, think, work and play. 

Gunta’s classes follow traditional Hatha yoga sequencing, and she incorporates elements on Vinyasa, therapeutic yoga, restorative and Yin yoga to create a practice that truly balances and nourishes your mind, body and soul. Gunta is also specialized in yoga philosophy, the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation. Throughout the class you will hear her emphasizing the importance of practicing with an intention, awareness of breath and being fully present in Your body.


Gunta looks to create a safe, playful and compassionate atmosphere with plenty of room for individual exploration and expression.

Gunta is currently based in Dubai. Prior to her move to Dubai she was teaching private, group and corporate yoga classes in Washington DC, USA. 

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