Coming from a corporate background myself, I know how difficult it is to find calm and balance during a busy and stressful work day.

I offer a number of different corporate packages and am happy to customize my offerings to meet  the needs of your employees.

Examples of office yoga packages/series:

  • Yoga Therapeutics 

  • Yoga for stress and anxiety reduction

  • Yoga for internal organ detoxification

  • Yoga for lower back issues 

  • Yoga for tight hips

  • Yoga for stiff neck 

  • Yoga to revitalize your body

  • Meditation

  • Restorative yoga 

  • Chair yoga (no yoga mats needed)


"There is no such thing as work-life balance - it is all life. The balance has to be within you."

Sadhguru -

It is now a well known and researched fact that health, happiness and productivity are intrinsically linked. Workplace yoga is a proven way to help employees improve their overall health and happiness, resulting in more productive, creative and satisfied employees and colleagues. Below are some of the benefits of yoga at workplace: 

  • teaches individual stress management

  • improves the immune system and overall health, resulting in decreased absenteeism and sickness levels

  • increases productivity, motivation, and work performance

  • improves decision making and creativity

  • increases energy, mental alertness, and clarity

  • improves stamina

  • improves morale, job satisfaction, and positive thinking patterns

  • improves memory, focus and concentration

  • reduces muscle tension and pain due to sedentary working positions

  • improves flexibility and physical strength

  • decreases headaches

  • improves confidence

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