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"Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down."

Jigar Gor -



When our mind and body is in balance, we generally feel energized, happy, vital, full of life and have a sense of clarity of mind. When we are 'out of balance', we tend to feel anxious, short-tempered, angry, restless and often overreact to simple situations. Hatha yoga is all about rewiring your energy to bring back a sense of balance, harmony and connection so you can respond rather than react to life's situations. 

In this classic yoga practice you will focus on finding the mental and physical balance between effort and ease. You will move through poses mindfully but dynamically to engage and strengthen the muscles, improve circulation and build endurance.  You will also hold longer postures to allow for deep release of tension in the connective tissues (think: ligaments, fascia, tendons) which tend to be relatively stiff (think hips, inner thighs).


You will bath your internal organs in lots of breath (prana) which helps calming the mind, opening you up to new possibilities. 

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Yoga Therapeutics practices builds on two ancient healing traditions - Hatha Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. When our thoughts and behavior is misaligned from our inner truth, our body contracts and energy flow (chi/prana) is impeded resulting in physical tightness, rigidity, stiffness and eventually dis-ease. In yoga therapy, we use yoga postures to target the 12 meridians (the energy channels) in your body to reestablish unobstructed flow of energy making you feel revitalized and balanced.  

In Yoga Therapeutics class we will usually work on one of the five Traditional Chinese Medicine elements - wood, fire, water, metal, earth - targeting it's corresponding meridians and organ systems. This practice is great on its own or can be used to support your TCM/acupuncture treatment. 


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80% of women suffer from some kind of hormonal imbalance. It is the leading reason for mood swings, weight problems, exhaustion, painful periods, PCOS and many other health conditions which many of us have learned to regard as 'normal'. There is a number of reasons why women more than ever suffer from these conditions, stress being among the leading causes.


Women's yoga is such a special practice and is open to all levels of students who identify as female. This soothing, gentle class will calm your nervous system while activating the flow of blood and energy to specific organs and endocrine glands that are involved in maintaining female hormonal balance.    

The gentle, longer held postures promote healthy menstruation and menstrual cycle, as well as helps alleviating the PMS symptoms such as heaviness, bloatedness, lower back pain, irritability, mood swings, anxiety and general discomfort.

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Our modern lives are filled with stress and anxiety. So many demands and commitments. So many beautiful ambitious goals clashing with too much self-doubt and fear. Do you constantly feel like you are living in a pressurized world struggling to find satisfaction, joy and happiness? This class is all about detoxing your nervous system and providing techniques that help you navigate the world in a balanced and mindful way. 

In this class you will explore long held therapeutic yoga postures and breathwork that cultivate peaceful relationship with your mind. We will focus on soothing the organs and glands involved in stress hormone production, while simultaneously nourishing the parasympathetic nervous system and all the organs that help you renew and restore.  

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