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A Nomad at Heart

I was born and raised in Latvia but have spent the last 10 years living a truly international lifestyle. I've lived in 5 different countries (not counting Latvia) on three different continents: UK, Belgium, Italy, USA & Singapore. I'm currently back in the USA (Washington DC).


Yoga has been in my life for over seven years but two years ago something 'clicked' and I started viewing it as more than just a fitness class. Yoga became a way to escape the fast-paced life in Singapore and the anxiety of living in an urban jungle.


Yoga became my best therapist, my best friend and a sacred island where I would go to spend time with myself. That's where my yoga story begins..

Becoming a Yoga Teacher

I was so drawn to this magically calming practice and so curious about the science behind it, that I traded the urban jungle in Singapore for the real jungle in Bali. I moved to Bali for a 30-day intensive yoga immersion with Tanya Kaps, focusing on yoga philosophy and meditation at the world-famous Yoga Barn.


I earned the Yoga Alliance accredited 200hr teacher certificate from One Yoga Teacher Training (Ubud, Bali). In addition to that, I have done workshops and training in yoga therapy, yoga and women’s health and on various yoga philosophy related topics.

Today, yoga is a huge part of my life and I practice every day through a mixture of Hatha / Dharma, Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga styles.

Self-love Through Food

​While a regular yoga practice, or any form of mindful exercise routine, is important, it is only one of the components for health, happiness and longevity. An essential piece in the wellness puzzle is our diet.


We all love food and I am no different!


I believe that the food we feed ourselves is the highest expression of self-love. Food doesn’t just give the nourishment which our bodies require. It gives our soul the fuel it needs to keep burning bright.


A wellness-focused diet doesn't have to be fancy and expensive. People have thrived on simple plant-based diets for centuries.


Check out the FOOD section of my site to find recipes of food that is nourishing, full of flavor and easy to make. 


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