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This classic yoga practice builds on ancient wisdom of balance between body, mind and soul. It cultivates a deep feeling of grounding and inner peace through a mixture of dynamic and longer held postures.  


Longer held therapeutic and meditative yoga poses that release deep held tension in the connective tissues and cultivate mindfulness and awareness of ones body.  


This soothing practice is geared towards women and stimulates specific endocrine glands and organs that play key role in optimal hormonal balance. 

As a yoga teacher I commonly hear these four phrases from my students: 

1. "I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible enough."

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about yoga. Especially the idea that you have to be able to touch your toes before or at any point during your practice. When we practice yoga, we develop awareness of our own mind, body and spirit. We start noticing what's tight, what needs strengthening and what needs balancing. Ultimately, and under supervision of a qualified teacher, you want to be able to develop a strong home practice that works for your body and constitutions - and for many that will actually mean avoiding touching your toes!  

2. "I don't know which yoga style I should practice." or "I've been to a few yoga class and I don't think yoga is for me". 

Did you know that yoga started as a one-on-one practice where a teacher would "prescribe" certain yoga poses and sequences depending on the students age, fitness level, lifestyle etc. If you think yoga is not for you, you simply haven't found the right 

3. "Can yoga fix my health problems and help me lose weight?

4. "I love your playlist. Where can I find it?"

All my yoga tunes and playlists are publically available on Spotify. You can find me a 'guntato'

In classical yoga tradition there is no one style fits all approach. In fact, dividing yoga into styles is a very western concept. Traditionally, yoga was taught and poses "prescribed" to students in a one-on-one setting taking into consideration student's body constitution, health, age, lifestyle, life goals and other very personal metrics. 

In my private yoga classes I weave in a unique combination of yogic tools such as Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative yoga, five element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, non-linear movement, meditation, various breathing practices as well as positive psychology and holistic health coaching. You may choose to focus on one or incorporate all of the above in our sessions- depending on your goal for your yoga practice. 

If you feel like this is the right approach for your health and wellness needs right now, I'll be happy to discuss how I can support you. 

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